Ambassador’s Greeting

Mongolia and Italian Republic established diplomatic relations on 29th June 1970. Last year, we celebrated the 45th anniversary of our diplomatic relationship. One of the priority directions of Mongolia’s foreign policy is developing relations and cooperation with the European countries. The establishment of our Embassy in Rome during the official visit of Mongolian President to Italy in 2011 contributed to the development of two countries’ relations and cooperation in the fields of politics, economy, agriculture, culture and education. Opening the Embassy in Rome allowed Mongolia to develop cooperation with the international organizations in the city, such as Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations, World Food Program and the International Fund for Agricultural development. Especially, there is a great opportunity to develop mutually beneficial cooperation with Italy, which is leading by its development and technology of cashmere, leather, and food production on the basis of Mongolia’s capacity of raw materials of animal origins.

The Embassy of Italy was established in Mongolia in July 2016. We believe that two Embassies in our capital cities will bring the relations and cooperation between Mongolia and Italy to a new level.

The Embassy of Mongolia must focus on supporting and assisting Mongolian citizens living, studying and working in Italy and protecting their legal rights and rendering needed public services to them. Therefore, we are trying to keep our website updated and full of information and news to provide you with useful and proper information and services.

The Embassy of Mongolia in Italy will be always open to our citizens and pleased to be the bridge to bring you the public services and look forward to your support and cooperation.

I would like to wish you all the best and health on behalf of myself and entire staff of our Embassy.